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TOVATEC UV Underwater Dive Light


If you think diving at night is special – you should see things come to life under UV light!!!

UV light is almost naked to the visible eye, which means the only things you see are the reef and critters fluorescing in this light – it is quite spectacular.

The Tovatec UV torch has the perfect colour spectrum (395nm) for optimal UV viewing, and is a great addition to any night divers kit.

LIGHT & MOTION Sola Dive 1200 S/F


Brightness:      1200 Lumens

Beam:              Spot 12˚ / 60˚ Flood

Burn time:       50min @ 1200 Lumens

2hr @ 600 Lumens

4hr @ 300 Lumens

Battery:           Rechargeable 12V

Depth:             100m

Modes:            100%/50%/25%

TOVATEC Fusion 1500


Brightness:      1500 Lumens

Beam:              Adjustable Zoom

Spot 12˚ to Flood 100˚

Burn time:       Full power 1hr 45 mins

Battery:           Rechargeable or 3x AA

Depth:             100m

Modes:            100% / 50% / 30% / SOS