Cave diving courses are fun through a number of organisations in Australia, including the CDAA (Cave Diving Association of Australia).

There are a series of courses that are required for you to become an an accomplished cave diver. Access to the various CDAA sites around Australia will depend on your qualification level and experience.

The entry level course is Deep Cavern Diver. This course introduces the fundamental skills and knowledge required for deep cavern diving including the planning, organising and the procedures, techniques and problem solving required in a variety of cavern and sinkhole diving situations.


  • Advanced Open Water qualified divers who have logged a minimum of 12 months open water experience.
  • Have logged a minimum of 25 dives since qualifying as Advanced Open Water totalling a minimum of 20 hours, including at least two night dives and five dives deeper than 25 metres.

The next course on is Cave Diver. During this course divers study the theory and develop the practical skills required to safely undertake diving activities in a CDAA rated Cave sites.

Pre-requisites are CDAA Deep Caver Diver with a minimum of 12 months open water experience.

Have logged a minimum of 30 cavern dives totalling a minimum of 15 hours, or 15 sinkhole dives totalling a minimum of 7.5 hours.

Finally, the Advanced Cave Diver qualification in the pinnacle of cave diving.  During the course you develop the skills and knowledge for penetration cave diving including planning, organisation, procedures, techniques, self reliance and problem solving in a variety of cave diving situations.

Pre-requisites include being a CDAA Cave Diver. Have logged a minimum of 25 cave dives totalling a minimum of 25 hours with no more than 3 dives to be logged per day. Have conducted cave dives in at least 5 different dive sites preferably in at least two different regions Mt Gambier, the Nullabor, international locations such as Florida, Mexico etc.