Learn to take photos below the surface

If you want to learn about Underwater Photography, Emma Burdett is the person to learn from! After years of trial and error when it comes to taking photos below the surface, Emma now offers underwater photography workshops and private lessons in Perth Western Australia based on her own experiences.

Emma has been a scuba instructor since 2009 and is an enthusiast freediver who loves everything about the ocean. The passion Emma has for teaching and the workshops she has created over the years bring a world of experience to your underwater photography journey.

“Emma at Emmersion Underwater is professional, passionate and knowledgeable. She went out of her way to tailor our session to my photographic needs as I begin a transition into Underwater. Her commitment to sharing her knowledge and experience in a clear and concise manner was invaluable in ensuring the safety of my equipment and myself whilst diving. I found Emma to be extremely generous with her time and equipment and would not hesitate to recommend her to others interested in beginning an underwater photography course”  Phillip Weary  


Group Workshops starting from $149 per person and private lessons starting from $180.  Get in touch with Emma today, she loves to chat!


Emma Burdett AKA Emmersion Underwater

WEB:   www.emmersionunderwater.com.au

PHONE:   0424 776633

EMAIL:   emma@emmersionunderwater.com.au