FAQS: Equipment Servicing & Cylinder Filling

Dolphin Scuba is one of the few dive centres in Perth with an onsite workshop and full time service technicians. When it comes to equipment servicing we can help!


How often do cylinders need to be tested? 

Every 12 months in Australia. The date stamped on the cylinder is the date is was last tested.


How long does servicing take? 

This depends on the queue in the workshop and availability of parts. We aim to service equipment within 3-4 business days. We will advise the timeframe at the time you bring them in for service.


How much does it cost to service my equipment?

This depends on what you need done, the condition of your gear and the cost of parts. We charge $92 for labour on a full reg service and $35 labour on a BCD service. Any parts are on top of the labour cost and we won’t know what that is until we open the regulator up.


How often should my dive gear be serviced? 

The recommended service interval may vary between brands. A common recommendation is every 12 months or 100 dives.


Do I have to get anything done to my tanks to put Nitrox in them? 

Not if we are filling them! We have a Nitrox Membrane system that creates the nitrox and your cylinder never needs to be in contact with 100% oxygen. You will need to make sure you have the appropriate stickers on the cylinders for nitrox.


Why should I avoid storing my cylinders in hot places like my car or shed? 

It’s an Australian Standard to have a burst disc in the cylinder valve to vent pressure if the gas get too hot and expands too much in the cylinder. If this burst disc blows it will give you an almighty fright!