Dolphin Scuba is one of the few Dive Centres in Perth with on site scuba equipment repair & servicing. Our commitment to your safe and happy diving continues with our on site equipment servicing and repairs facility.

Dolphin Scuba’s trained technicians are on hand to service and help you maintain your dive gear. If you have any problems with your gear, just pop in and we’ll do our best to put it right!

The Dolphin repair team uses the most state-of-the-art equipment in the industry to ensure that your gear is restored to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Our professional trained technicians are currently certified to service almost ALL major brands. We have years of knowledge and experience and the ability to service scuba gear from all over the world!


Single Air Fill $10
Air Card – 15 Air Fills $120
Single Nitrox 32% Fill $12
Nitrox Card – 15 Nitrox 32% Fills $150
Hydrostatic test and Air Fill $38
Hydrostatic test and 32% Fill $40
Hydrostatic test and No Fill $30
Cylinder rumbling $24
Contamination wash $24
Valve service $30
O2 clean cylinders $30
O2 clean valve $30
Full Service – 1st & 2nd stage, occky, spg $92 plus parts
Full Service – 1st & 2nd stage and spg $70 plus parts
1st stage only $35 plus parts
2nd stage or occky only $35 plus parts
O2 clean regulator $40 plus parts
Full Service – normal inflator $35 plus parts
Full Service – Air II or Alternate inflator $58 plus parts
Inflator service only $24 plus parts
Full Service $61 plus parts
Battery Changes
Suunto D Series $85
Suunto Cobra, Vyper, Vytec $55
Aqualung Computers from $30
Cressi Computers starting from $30
Oceanic Computers starting from $30
Mares Computers starting from $30
*equipment presented in poor condition will be serviced and charged at $70 per hour, plus parts as required