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Gear Aid Wetsuit + Drysuit Shampoo


Ideal for wet suits, dry suits, boots and gloves, undergarments, lycra body suits and more. Removes bacteria, algae, chlorine and salt deposits so your neoprene gear smells fresher, stays supple and lasts much longer.


Finger Reels


An ideal finger reel for divers of all levels.

Ideal for use with surface marker buoys and lift bags.

Comes with stainless steel double-end snap bolt, and available in 15m, 30m and 45m lengths.


Hollis SMB


The Hollis Signal Marker Buoy (SMB) is an essential piece of safety equipment, as it provides divers with a way to mark their location when completing safety/decompression stops, and when signalling boats if they have surfaced a distance away.

At 1.8m in length, the Hollis SMB ensures high visibility to boats in less-than-calm seas and conditions.

The Hollis SMB is made from high-quality materials and features Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams, stainless steel oral inflate valve, a sturdy nylon webbing strap loop with stainless steel D-Ring for attachment to a reel or anchor line, and a wrist lanyard for hand-held use.

Fourth Element Ocean Debris Bag


Do your part for the planet!

The Fourth Element debris bag is small enough to bring with you on every dive – it folds away and can be tucked into a pocket or clipped on externally, and can be unrolled quickly for rubbish collection. Once used, it rolls away back again – ready for next time!

Nautilus Carry Pouch Neoprene


The Nautilus Neoprene Pouch is designed to keep your Nautilus GPS in a secure, yet highly functional position on your gear.

The Neoprene pouch features a turn lock for easy access, as well as a sewn-in lanyard along with webbing for attachment.

Be sure to protect your investment and also give yourself an easy way to always have your Nautilus GPS close at hand.

Nautilus Lifeline – Marine Rescue GPS


The Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS is more than a PLB, more than an EPIRB, and more than a satellite messenger. Communicate directly with boats and ships around you. Divers. Sailors. Paddlers. Nobody should be on the water without one.  Compact. Super tough. Affordable. You might not think you need one until you do!!

Fourth Element Changing Mat


Fourth Element’s changing mat is large enough to be a really useful addition to any diver’s kit with ample room for changing, but extremely packable. Made using the same hard-wearing fabric as the Argo bag, the mat can be rolled up and secured using attached elasticated loops.