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Dive Rite ES155 Frameless Mask


The ES155 makes it possible to see over the diver’s entire field-of-view thanks to it’s ultra clear glass single lens.

The double silicone face skirt reduces the risk of mask flood, and makes this mask an excellent choice for divers with facial hair or high brows.

The prominent nose pocket allows the diver to easily pinch the nose (for equalisation), and being low volume – it is easy to clear.

Halcyon H-View Mask


Halcyon’s H-View Mask is a low volume, single lens mask that will fit most faces. With soft silicone and double face seal on the skirt, it is less likely to cause leaks during a dive.


Hyperion Blacktip Mask


Aluminium Alloy Frame (Type III hard-coat anodised)

Twin lenses (tempered glass)

High quality silicone skirt (black)

Also available with GoPro mount (more details here)