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DivePro Signal Lights


We’ve all had that time on a night dive where you turn to look at a super cool critter or creature, then turn back around to a group of divers – uncertain of which one is actually your buddy… well say no more! These signal lights are perfect for night dives. With a great range of colours they make identifying who is who on a night dive extremely easy!

DivePro S26 Torch


For the diver who wants more light! 2,600 lumens with options to drop it down to 1130 lumens or 110 lumens.

DivePro S10 Torch


This bright, compact dive light with 90 minutes of burn time is the perfect torch for both new and experienced divers!

DivePro Pygmy Torch


The Pygmy torch is an ideal torch for free divers and cray hunters who want to keep their hands free! The torch comes with a mask attachment for this option, and is a very capable back up light, or even a primary for a single dive putting out 600 lumens!

Two torches in one, you can run the Pygmy on a 14500 li-ion battery (included) for 600 lumens with a run time of 1 hour OR you can run on a standard AA battery putting out 200 lumens for 1.25 hours!

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Brightness:      1000 Lumens

Beam:              Spot 8˚

Burn time:       75 mins

Battery:           Rechargeable or 3x AAA

Depth:             100m

Modes:            100% / 50 % / 25% / SOS


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Brightness:      3000 Lumens

Beam:              Flood (110)

BurnTime:      55 mins White

250 mins Red

250 mins UV

Battery:           Rechargeable

DepthRating: 100m

Modes:            10 levels of brightness


UV Light

LIGHT & MOTION Sola Dive 1200 S/F


Brightness:      1200 Lumens

Beam:              Spot 12˚ / 60˚ Flood

Burn time:       50min @ 1200 Lumens

2hr @ 600 Lumens

4hr @ 300 Lumens

Battery:           Rechargeable 12V

Depth:             100m

Modes:            100%/50%/25%

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Brightness:      210 Lumens

Beam:              Spot 8˚

Burn time:       4 hours

Battery:           3 x AAA

Depth:             200m

Modes:            Single Output

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Brightness:      360 Lumens

Beam:              Spot 8˚

Burn time:       7 hours

Battery:           3 x C Alkaline

Depth Rating: 200m

Modes:            Single Output

TOVATEC Fusion 1500


Brightness:      1500 Lumens

Beam:              Adjustable Zoom

Spot 12˚ to Flood 100˚

Burn time:       Full power 1hr 45 mins

Battery:           Rechargeable or 3x AA

Depth:             100m

Modes:            100% / 50% / 30% / SOS

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Brightness:      1000 Lumens

Beam:              Spot 12˚

Burn time:       1 hr 100%, 2.1 hr 50%

Battery:           Rechargeable

Depth:             100m

Modes:            100% / 50% / SOS