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Western Australia Scuba Diving Locations

Key Biscayne Oil Rig - Lancelin.

Depth - 42 metres, the highest point being at 26 metres.
Qualification - Advanced, Deep Diver or Technical Diver.
Accessed by - Boat

Each year the Key Biscayne Oil rig wreck becomes more colorful and lively as growth takes hold. Schools of fish, crayfish, Dhufish and snapper can be found in every small compartment and opening. Grey nurse sharks, port jackson sharks and wobbegong sharks are also a common sight at the Key Biscayne. You can swim through the jack up legs and that is where a lot of marine life is seen. Obviously with it being such a deep dive, the affects of Nitrogen narcosis have to be taken into account.



Ningaloo Reef - Exmouth

Accessibility- Boat or Shore
Qualification - Depends on the Dive site.

What makes this such a special place? Whale sharks, Manta Rays, Turtles, Dugongs and Humpback Whales...the range of 250 species of corals and over 450 different species of fish and loads of reef sharks makes Exmouth an impressive destination to dive. With Exmouth being just north of the Tropic Of Capricorn, you can expect to have an all year round dive season!



Murion Islands - Exmouth

Qualification - Open Water or higher.
Accessibility- Shore or Boat

The warm tropical waters of the Muiron Islands are buzzing with marine life and provide an unforgettable Ningaloo Reef diving experience. Surrounded by an abundance of coral gardens, rocky ledges and intriguing dive sites, the Muiron Islands are located about 10nm north east of Exmouth. Be sure to look out for turtles, manta rays, dolphins, dugongs and during their migration, humpback whales. With a maximum depth of 20m and usually only gentle currents, the dive sites around the Muiron Islands are suitable for all levels of divers. Swim-throughs and ledges provide plenty of places to explore or look for shrimps, nudibranchs, eels, juvenile angelfish and other critters. There is a famous friendly potato cod, manta rays, large rankin cod, turtles, nurse sharks, soft coral gardens, anemones, clams and 1000's of colourful reef fish.



Navy Pier - Exmouth

Depth - 15 metres
Accessibility - Shore
Qualification - Open Water or higher.
'Its like diving in an aquarium'

The Navy Pier is rated as one of the top ten shore dives in the world with at least 200 different species, including big schools of trevally, snapper and barracuda as well as firefish, colourful angelfish, moorish idols and large gropers. If you look close enough you'll find a variety of nudibranchs, flatworms, and clown fish darting amongst theier anenomes. As the pier remains a working defence facility, diving there can only be conducted with a licenced dive shop, for security and liability reasons.



Busselton Jetty - Busselton

Depth - 8 metres
Qualification - Open Water or higher
Accessed by - Shore

The Busselton Jetty is a 2 kilometre long wooden jetty situated adjacent to the tourist town of Busselton. The Jetty was orignially built in 1865 to service whaling ships, there is an underwater observatory at the end of the jetty where tourist can visit and experience the underwater world without diving. The best diving is at the end of the jetty where you will find a vibrant mixture of corals, schools of fish, starfish, crabs, shrimp, shellfish and if you’re extremely lucky you may even catch sight of a dolphin!



HMAS Swan Wreck - Dunsborough

Depth - 32 metres
Qualification - Advanced Open Water or higher.
Accessed by - Boat

The H.M.A.S Swan was once a Naval ship and after completing her duties, she was prepared and purposely sunk for divers in 1997. The Swan shipwreck is an incredible dive, measuring 113m length, 21 meters in height and 13 meters wide. Since the sinking, an abundance of marine life has taken advantage of the Swan as their new home. Large schools of Bulls eye inhabit many rooms, with King George whiting and brim swimming around the hull. The inquisitive Samson fish gives divers an added bonus when looking around the wreck, along with blue devil fish and sweep. The wreck can also be penetrated by those with proper training and experience.



HMAS Perth - Albany

Depth - 38 metres
Qualification - Advanced Open Water or higher.
Accessed by - Boat

The HMAS Perth is 133 metres long and 14.3 metres. On the 24th November 2001 the HMAS Perth was sunk in King George Sound, just off Seal Rock in 38 metres of water with her large calibre guns still in tact and her mast protruding above the surface. The Crows nest has been designed to act as an excellent safety stop area being at almost exactly 5 meters. Being larger than the HMAS Swan wreck in Dunsborough it also has much more to look at than the Swan and has significant darker areas where a torch is a must. Schools of fish can be found in every small compartment and opening, Large Samson Fish are often seen with the occasional jew fish. The wreck has been prepared for diving and numerous holes have been cut into the side of the vessel which allows for easy access into the wreck for those with the appropriate training and experience. Divers need to consider the affect of narcosis and should ensure they do not exceed their certified depths.



Lena Wreck – Bunbury

Depth - 18 metres
Qualification – Open Water Diver
Accessed by – Boat

The Lena wreck is an ex-fishing vessel that was seized by the Australian Navy for fishing illegally and purposely sunk in 2003 for divers. The wreck is located 3 nautical miles off the coast of Bunbury and is an easy site to access by boat. Now laying in 18 metres beneath the surface it is a great site for all levels of divers! There are many open spaces to swim through and some cool things to see like the engine room, processing plant, chairs and a 40m freezer that are all still in tact. Not to mention the amount of coral growth and marine life that now call this wreck home.


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