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TUSA Mini Knife


Point Tip:

Sheath locking tab holds knife securely in place, then releases at a touch

Available in black, cobalt blue and yellow

Serrated edge

Blade Length: 7cm

Overall Length: 16cm

Blunt Tip:

Same features and colours as the point tip, but with a line cutter and a blunt tip

Blade Length: 7cm

Overall Length: 16cm

Hose Adaptor:

Included, and allows you to attach your point or blunt-tip mini knife onto the H.P. or L.P. hose for easy access


Cressi SF1 Mask


Frameless masks are loved by many divers for their low-profile and ability to fold flat for easy carrying, even in a BC pocket.

Cressi’s frameless design bonds a high-grade silicone skirt directly to a single lens, without mounting. This system guarantees good visibility in all directions, especially towards the sides, since it allows a maximum eye/lens approach without annoying pressure on the forehead or upper part of the nose.

The lens is made of tempered glass and certified by the CE (Communauté Européenne).

The buckles are completely tiltable and the anchoring of the buckle system on the mount prevents deformation of the silicone facial during the use of the mask.

The low-internal volume allows for effortless clearing and quick-adjust strap buckles are molded directly into the skirt for a flexible fit and reduced drag.

The SF1 also represents an unbeatable value, with a cost roughly half that of similar masks.

Oceanpro Finger Reels


An ideal finger reel for divers of all levels.

Ideal for use with surface marker buoys and lift bags.

Comes with stainless steel double-end snap bolt, and available in 15m, 30m and 45m lengths.


Hollis SMB


The Hollis Signal Marker Buoy (SMB) is an essential piece of safety equipment, as it provides divers with a way to mark their location when completing safety/decompression stops, and when signalling boats if they have surfaced a distance away.

At 1.8m in length, the Hollis SMB ensures high visibility to boats in less-than-calm seas and conditions.

The Hollis SMB is made from high-quality materials and features Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams, stainless steel oral inflate valve, a sturdy nylon webbing strap loop with stainless steel D-Ring for attachment to a reel or anchor line, and a wrist lanyard for hand-held use.


TOVATEC UV Underwater Dive Light


If you think diving at night is special – you should see things come to life under UV light!!!

UV light is almost naked to the visible eye, which means the only things you see are the reef and critters fluorescing in this light – it is quite spectacular.

The Tovatec UV torch has the perfect colour spectrum (395nm) for optimal UV viewing, and is a great addition to any night divers kit.

TOVATEC Fusion 1050



1050 Lumens


Adjustable Zoom

(Spot 12˚ to Flood 100˚)

Burn time:

Full power 1hr 30 mins (Rechargeable battery)

Full power 2hrs 30min (Alkaline batteries)


Rechargeable or 3 x AAA


Fourth Element Arctic Hat


Keep warm and dry before, in between and after your dives!

Constructed with two layers of high insulation and low bulk fabric, Fourth Element’s Arctic hat is one seriously warm hat! With long ear flaps, a fold-up front and under-chin poppers, this hat ensures your head is totally protected and stays toasty-warm!

Fourth Element Ocean Debris Bag


Do your part for the planet!

The Fourth Element debris bag is small enough to bring with you on every dive – it folds away and can be tucked into a pocket or clipped on externally, and can be unrolled quickly for rubbish collection. Once used, it rolls away back again – ready for next time!

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KanPas D-50 Wrist Mount Compass


Add a bit of colour to your dive kit!

The Kanpas D-50 Wrist Mounted Compass features a powerful magnet, wide compensation and a high quality capsule, resulting in a highly accurate compass module. With it’s light-weight design and elastic strap – it is as comfortable as it is colourful!

DivePro S40 Torch


For the diver who wants even more light! With an output of 4,200 lumens and options to drop it down to 2,100 lumens or 420 lumens, the opportunities are endless.