Oceanic F.10 Dive Computer

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Go Deep

The F.10 dedicated freediving watch comes equipped with everything you’ll need for one deep breath. Provides digital depth, elapsed dive time on the surface and underwater, and a generous collection of customisable audible and visual LED alarms and interval prompts for ultimate performance and safety.

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Max Operating Depth: 330 ft (100m)

Alarm Indication: Audible, Led, Alpha Numeric and Backlight

Backlight: Push Button (User-Defined Duration)

Depth Alarm: 3 Set Points- Descent Only

Log + History: 99 Dives (View by Day or All)

Sampling Rate: 1 Sec

Audible Alarm: Elapsed Dive Time (EDT) & Depth Alarm

Count Down Timer: Countdown Alarm + Auto Reset & Repeat

Activation: User Set (Wet or Pressure/Depth)

Surface Recovery Timer: ✓ (User-Set Interval)

Repeating Depth Interval Alarm: ✓

Repeating EDT Timer: ✓

Run Timer: ✓

Set Salt/Fresh Water: ✓

Altitude Adjustment: ✓

Diver Replaceable Batteries: ✓ (CR2430)

Warranty: 5 Years

Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 Days