Dive Rite TravelPac Transpac XT & Travel EXP



Born from Dive Rite’s TransPac and Travel EXP wing combination, the TravelPac BCD is big on performance and features yet compact and streamline in design and use. Designed for recreational diving and warm water conditions, the TravelPac places buoyancy where it’s needed most for perfect trim – along the torso supporting the weight of the tank. It’s built-in 360-degree donut style wing provides even flotation allowing for superior buoyancy control throughout the dive. Even on the surface, the TravelPac won’t tip you over while floating.

With its compact and streamlined design, the TravelPac’s 25 lbs. (11.3kg) of lift will support one 80ft3 (12L) aluminum tank with up to an additional 10 lbs. of weight. Designed with comfort in mind, the TravelPac creates no squeezes or pressure points like can happen with a traditional jacket style BC.

Technical Details:

  • Buoyancy: 25 lbs. (11.3kg) of lift supporting one 80ft3 (12L) aluminum tank with up to an additional 10 lbs. of weight
  • Wing: Built-in 360-degree donut style providing even flotation
  • Bladder: 210-denier nylon laminated bladder
  • Hardware: One epaulet on the left shoulder, XT Chest Plates, 2 bent chest D-rings, 2 waist D-rings, scooter ring, and a stainless steel belt buckle
  • Crotch strap: 1.5-inch adjustable
  • Cam straps: Two 1.5-inch adjustable for cylinder diameter
  • Weight: 5 lbs. 13 oz. (2.62 kg)
  • Size: 22-in. H x 14-in. W (55.9cm x 35.6cm)

M, S, XL, XXL, L

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