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Blue Explorer Dive Knife


Perfect for beginners with all the features you want in a safe but handy knife. It has a pointed tip, sharp and serrated blades, and a line cutter. It also comes with rubber straps and can be fastened to the calf, arm or weight belt.

Reef Line Single Blade Line Cutter


Sturdy plastic with Marine Grade Stainless Steel Blade (removable and changeable).

Nylon sheath which can be mounted on webbing up to 50mm wide.

Size of Nylon Sheath: Approx. 8.9 cm x 6 cm

Maintenance: After use, rinse the line cutter in freshwater, dry it, and not replace it until the blade and nylon pouch is dry.

Halcyon Titanium Multi Tool


The most versatile knife on the market!

Halcyon’s titanium multi tool allows you to accomplish numerous tasks with one light-weight device.

MAC Apnea 9 Knife with lanyard


The MAC Apnea 9 is a highly durable knife, suitable for Scuba Diving and Spearfishing.

Made in Italy, it has a comfortable handle, secure locking mechanism and low profile sheath, making it an excellent choice for divers and spearos alike.

TUSA Mini Knife


Point Tip:

Sheath locking tab holds knife securely in place, then releases at a touch

Available in black, cobalt blue and yellow

Serrated edge

Blade Length: 7cm

Overall Length: 16cm

Blunt Tip:

Same features and colours as the point tip, but with a line cutter and a blunt tip

Blade Length: 7cm

Overall Length: 16cm

Hose Adaptor:

Included, and allows you to attach your point or blunt-tip mini knife onto the H.P. or L.P. hose for easy access