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129 Welshpool Road, Perth WA - OPEN 7 DAYS

Natasha Boulter



PADI Open Water Instructor 

PADI EFR Instructor

PADI Nitrox Specialty Instructor

PADI Deep Diver Specialty

PADI Night Diver specialty

PADI underwater Navigator Specialty

PADI Wreck Diver Specialty

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 


Ammo Jetty

My favourite dive in Perth would be ammo jetty, for many reasons. It was the first place I dived in Australia. It has easy access and it is clear where to go. There is so much life under the jetty including, sea horses, lionfish, moray eels, Nudi branch’s, crabs diving birds, and so much more. It’s an easy dive for beginners but also a fantastic dive for the more advanced. Navigation is nothing to worry about as you just follow the pylons. There is so much macro life that there is always something new to find.



Exmouth Navy Pier

I worked on the navy Pier for 2 years; my best description of the dive would be an aquarium with no glass.  Having dived the pier over 250 times, I’m always asked don’t you get bored? My answer is always NO. There is so much to find with over 180 different species of marine life there is always something new to see. White tip reef sharks, wobbegong sharks, grey nurse sharks, stonefish, schools of traveley, wasp fish, nudi branchs and hundreds more. The site has and average of 5m visibility but that doesn’t stop you from seeing the wildlife. I’ll always remember the pier as it has brought me memories I will never forget, from swimming with dolphins, to being bumped by a grey nurse shark on a night dive.


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