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Libby Straughan


PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

PADI Specialty Diver Instructor, Deep and Nitrox



Amo Jetty, Woodman Point

There are many reasons why I love diving Amo Jetty.  For a start, the pylons are covered in telesto soft coral whose branches provide a resting place for seahorses to coil around.  This is also the first place I saw Port Jackson sharks, striped pyjama squid and velvet fish. Velvet fish have to pull themselves along the seabed with their fins due to the lack of an air bladder, which makes them negatively buoyant, this is a movement I find fascinating to watch.  I love scouring the seafloor here in the hope of watching one of these rare sights. 



Chumphon Pinnacle, Thaliand

About 10 years ago I worked for a couple of months as a Divemaster in Thailand, Koh Tao. One morning all the staff members at the dive shop got up at the crack of dawn to reach the deep dive site of Chumphon Pinnacle for a 6am dive. Here a rocky outcrop rises from the 30 plus meter sea floor to a depth of about 18 meters. The top of the pinnacle was covered in anemones, and during the day bull sharks would hide from numerous divers at about 34 meters. Except for this morning.  On this morning we dropped into about 25 meter visibility and sank through the clear, warm water to the pinnacle’s top, upon which the bull sharks were meandering.  A little deeper, at 22m meters there was a thermocline and with it a drastic change in visibility. We stuck our hands into the cloudy water below us we lost sight of them.  As we hung above this thermocline we discovered its thrill. Bull sharks were still rising from the sea floor to hang out at the top on the pinnacle, and we could not see them coming. They would just appear from nowhere beside us, in front of us or behind one of our buddies.  The sharks were oblivious to our presence, but we were fascinated by them and thrilled by the anticipation of where they would appear from next.


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