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PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

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PADI Specialty Instructor for Deep, Wreck and Peak Performance Buoyancy.



Night Diving in the Swan River

Most people tend to think of the Swan River as a dive site were they go to undertake some form of training with its dark brown tannin stained water and its very silty bottom. However the Swan River is more that that. At night with a nice strong light you have a wide selection of different areas to dive. From the artificial structure of jetties and moorings covered in soft corals, often hiding any number of Seahorse's and a selection of crabs. To the shallower more sandy areas where you will find some of the larger flathead, different types of whiting and the odd flounder and any number of prawns. To the deeper sections of the river with a number of the larger wrecks in the river and surprisingly deep silt. Beyond this we have the seasonal variation in the what you will find in the river - the influx of juvenile Pink Snapper with their wonderfully pale pink bodies and their iridescent blue flecks over winter. The prawns which tend to occur during spring, and the brilliant eating Blue Manner crabs as Summer starts to kick off. Combined with the ability to go for a dive after work and year round access this has to be one of my favourite local dive sites. The only downside it having to put up with any number of off coloured jokes about catching crabs on a Friday night.



Five Fathoms Bank

This dive was during the local Cray season as we where busily catching Cray's, suddenly it goes dark, just for that split second you are wondering just what is above you, but as you look up you see that almost mischievous smiling mouth of the Smooth ray as it swims over the top of you. Now this was a big Smooth stingray well over two meters in width, normally you see them off at a short distance very slowly circling or shadowing you as you go about your dive. However during the Cray season they tend to hang around looking to clean up any Cray legs that may be shed. Moving onto the next ledge with my catch bag next to my waist I felt a weird tugging action on my fins, thinking it was my buddy trying to get my attention I turned around - only to find the same Smooth stingray making is way up my legs towards the catch bag looking for a free feed of Cray's Thinking to outsmart the Smooth stingray I shoved the catch bag under the ledge just to my left and went back to catching Cray's. Next thing I know I have the same Smooth stingray coming in to try and get the catch bag out from under the reef - now I didn't mind it when it was resting on my legs but with one wing resting part way over my back this stingray was starting to get just a little too friendly. A little bit of a wiggle and it swam off a few meters and sat on the sand near the edge of the reef, I think just waiting for me to turn my back to it could have another go at the Cray bag. Now this Smooth stingray was really after a feed of Cray's so I obliged by holding one out on in my hand, not expecting it to cruise over actually take the Cray. Swimming of a few meters it settled onto the sand and started eating the Cray. Immediately it was wreathed in Footballer sweep, a few Skippy and the ever present Wrasse all looking for an easy feed of scraps. 

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