Ready to go a little deeper? Become certified to the maximum depth for recreational diving at 40m as a Deep Diver!

Why be certified?

There are many dives that the majority of divers will not see because they are just out of depth! And a bunch of these are in our own back yard here in WA. The Key Biscayne lies in 40m, Rottnest Opera House in 35m, HMAS Swan in 32m, Sanko Harvest in 40m and the wealth of deep dives right off our coast in Marmion Marine Park. Experience all these sites and more, knowing that you are comfortably in your own personal limits!

If you are already deep diving, a Deep Certification will ensure your Diver’s Insurance covers you in the unfortunate event of an accident or incident, as it confirms you are diving within the scope of your qualifications.

What will I learn?

You will learn about specialised equipment required for deep diving, how to plan a deep dive, managing your gas supply, managing narcosis and safety considerations when deep diving. There is a big jump between the 30m certification you receive during the advanced to the underwater world at 40m.

What’s involved?

The Deep Diver Specialty Course requires 2 deep dives. The theory involves some reading and knowledge reviews but there is no exam for this course (YAY!)

How long will it take?

One day – 2 dives.


  • You must be Advanced Open Water certified and 18 years of age before starting this course (or equivalent)
  • You must have been diving from a boat within the last 6 months and in conditions similar to where you’ll be completing your course dives.
  • You must fill out the Medical Screening Questionnaire, and provide us with a Diving Certificate from a Doctor if you answer YES to anything on the questionnaire.

Medical Requirements:

You will be asked to complete the Medical Questionnaire when enrolling in any scuba diving course with Dolphin Scuba. This questionnaire is designed to identify any health issues that could cause complications while diving. If you answer ‘no’ to all the questions you won’t need to do any more. If you have any answers ‘yes’ you will need to see a doctor for a Recreational Diving Medical before starting your course.

Download the Medical Form here

How much does it cost?

Course cost of $450 includes online eLearning, tuition, certification and 2 boat dives. Scuba Gear hire is an additional $100

How do I book?

To book just pop into the shop (we are open 7 days a week) or call us on 08 9353 2488.



I’ve already done some deep diving, do they count towards the course?

No – you will need to complete a number of skills under supervision from one of our Instructors, as per the standards.

Can I use Nitrox on the course?

Absolutely! Provided you hold an Nitrox/Enriched Air qualification. If not, you can find out details about a Computer Nitrox course here.

What if boat dives are rescheduled due to weather?

We are heading out for Deep Dives regularly, so can easily reschedule another trip on another day.

What if I get seasick?

If you’re prone to seasickness, we recommend taking medication prior to the trip. Unfortunately we cannot refund you for the boat trip if you experience seasickness.

Is transport to the boat included with the course?

It isn’t – you will need to provide your own transport to and from the boat. We may be able to tee up carpools for trips that involve longer-distance travel (e.g. the HMAS Swan/Key Biscayne/Sanko Harvest).