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Perth Scuba Diving Blog

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  • Why you should get your open water dive ticket

    Are you searching for a new hobby that will help you stay fit and allow you to become an underwater explorer? You should consider getting your open water dive ticket. This scuba diving introductory certification will allow you to start exploring new depths in the ocean; imagine snorkelling underwater for extended periods of time without the need to swim back up to the surface for air. The team at Dolphin Scuba run fast-tracked PADI open water courses which allow you to get certified in as little as two days! On Friday, you’re a snorkeler and by Monday you’re a fully qualified scuba diver. Here’s what to expect from our two-day open water course.
  • How to take proper care of your scuba gear

    The sun is shining, and you’re bound to be heading down to the beach to take advantage of this lovely warm Perth summer weather. Now that you’re wetting your wetsuit and dive gear more frequently, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you’re taking good care of your equipment. Here are a few simple ways to take care of your scuba diving gear. 
  • 5 Essential Scuba Diving Accessories 

    If you are an avid scuba diver, there are some must-have scuba diving gadgets you should consider purchasing to improve your entire underwater experience. These gizmos vary from storage options for your personal belongings to lighting and navigation instruments. Whist your standard scuba diving gear will ensure you remain safe in the water, here are some dive accessories you can purchase that will improve your overall dive experience.
  • How to become a scuba diver 

    Is your new year’s resolution to learn a new life skill, go on more adventures or take more time for yourself? Combine all three by learning how to scuba dive in Perth this summer. Not only will you get the opportunity to learn a completely new skill, you will also have the option to explore the big blue and travel to impressive scuba diving locations around Perth. Dolphin Scuba offer PADI scuba diving courses from beginner divers tickets to advanced and technical courses. If you are considering becoming a scuba diver, we’ve answered some commonly asked scuba diving questions most beginners have about the summer water activity.
  • Summer Scuba Diving Checklist 

    If you are planning on scuba diving this Summer, there are a few things you should consider before heading out on a dive trip. Whether its planning for a dive at one of Perth’s top dive locations, or getting ready to go on a dive holiday, each dive should be prepared for carefully. To make things easier, we have devised a quick Summer scuba diving checklist to make sure you are fully equipped before getting into the water.

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