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Perth Scuba Diving Blog

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  • How to care for your scuba diving wetsuit 

    Your wetsuit is one of the most important pieces or equipment when it comes to scuba diving, so it’s even more important to make sure you give it a good dosing of TLC. Each wetsuit serves a differed purpose when scuba diving; and as such are made with a variety of materials, qualities and stitching. All designs have different functions and allow you to enjoy your water experience in a different way. Taking proper care of your ‘second skin’ is vital to ensuring longevity but a good rule of thumb is: the more you use the wetsuit the more aged it will become. So, if you are an active diver it’s best practice to purchase a high-quality suit that you can get a few laps in with.
  • Dive boots vs dive booties vs dive socks – what's the difference? 

    Looking to expand your scuba diving wardrobe? There are a range of dive wear options to choose from however one piece of gear you should consider adding to your dive bag is a pair of dive boots, socks or booties. Whilst they all appear similar in name; the three footwear options are suited to different dive conditions. Here are some of the differences between dive boots, dive booties and dive socks.
  • Tips for first time night divers 

    Just like New York City, the ocean never sleeps. It’s not only a great place to scuba dive during the daylight hours but transforms into a whole new world once the sun goes down. Night diving is an incredible experience that all scuba divers should try at least once. However, chances are once you do, it will become a new diving habit. Rediscover all the popular Perth diving locations during a night scuba dive with new marine life making an appearance, and the underwater world transforming into a completely different landscape. Here are some tips you should know before going out on your first night time scuba dive.
  • 5 Reasons to Become a PADI Rescue Scuba Diver

    Learning how to identify and respond to emergency situations is one of the most important skills you can learn as a diver. During the Open Water Dive Course, scuba divers are taught basic skills to conduct themselves safely in the water. However, if you want to take your dive training that one lap further, why not consider advancing your current scuba diving skills with a PADI Rescue Scuba Diver course.
  • Dive in and explore Australia’s marine life 

    Australia is often referred to as the ‘lucky country’, and it’s no wonder given the amazing locations we have both on and off the shore. Australia’s shores are home to sea creatures and marine life found nowhere else in the world, and can be quite the experience when encountered close up. The Land Down Under is home to more than 4,000 species of fish and 1,700 different types of coral, plus 80% of our wildlife existing nowhere else in the world.

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