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Perth Scuba Diving Blog

Keep up with everything going on at Dolphin Scuba with our Dive Blogs.

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  • Dolphin Scuba Open Water Dive Course Review

    At Dolphin Scuba, we love to hear what our customers have to say about our courses. We sat down with recent student and now certified diver Chris, who dipped his toes in for the Open Water Dive Course. Here’s what Chris had to say about his experience at Dolphin Scuba.
  • How to choose the best dive computer

    There are a variety of dive accessories important for scuba divers to own, in addition to your necessary mask, fins and wetsuit, there are a number of other gadgets key to making your dive experience both safe and enjoyable. A dive computer is a small but extremely useful dive accessory that many scuba divers, both frequent and recreational, can benefit from. But with several features and prices, how do you choose the best dive computer to suit your diving needs?
  • 10 Myths About Scuba Diving 

    Have you been considering becoming a scuba diver but have a few outstanding questions? Are you worried it will be too time consuming to take a scuba diving course, are afraid of sharks or are concerned you’ll get too cold in the water? We’re here to bust those common scuba diving myths and misconceptions so we can help you get out and exploring the ocean. 
  • New in Tech: Teric dive watch by Shearwater 

    At Dolphin Scuba, our team always keeps up to date on all the latest gizmo’s and gadgets that we believe divers will be interested in. With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce the Shearwater Teric dive watch has been added to our range of dive accessories. The Teric is THE dive watch for scuba divers, decked out with an impressive range of features that will have you questioning how you ever managed to dive without one on your wrist before. Our team is comprised of experienced scuba divers, and the Teric is talk of the shop at the moment – and if our team can’t wait to get their hands on one – we’re confident our customers will love the dive watch too. 
  • Winter dive locations at Rottnest Island 

    Winter is just around the corner, and with the exit of the warmer weather comes the entry of a whole new world of marine life. The ocean transforms during cooler scuba diving season, and with proper exposure protection wear you’ll be snug as a Morton Bay Bug in a rug. Cooler diving months mean there are less plankton in the water, increasing the visibility when the sun is shining. With some superb Perth dive spots located off the coast of Rottnest Island, you might find winter diving becomes your favourite time to dive during the year. 

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