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Sexy Gas – What makes it so sexy?  

Love diving? Want to stay under the water for longer? We have something to help.

Today, we’re talking about Sexy Gas. That’s right, Sexy Gas!

What is Sexy Gas?

Nitrox or enriched air, or Sexy Gas (as we like to call it), is air enriched with oxygen which reduces your exposure to nitrogen whilst diving – it’s most commonly used by recreational divers. Sexy Gas has become so common and popular in fact, that you can almost always spot the green and yellow tanks of nitrox or enriched air in the ocean, on boats and in dive shops all over the world.

So, what makes Sexy Gas different? Specifically, our banked Sexy Gas has 32% oxygen and 68% nitrogen.

Why this composition? Put simply, nitrogen limits time at depth. So, the more oxygen in the breathing gas, the less nitrogen, and the longer time we have to spend diving.

The sweet spot for diving with Sexy Gas is between 12 and 34 metres. This is where you can take maximum advantage of your increased bottom time – Now that’s sexy.


Why use Sexy Gas?

There are many reasons to use Sexy Gas.

Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Allows for longer bottom times
  • Increased no-decompression time
  • Longer repetitive dive times
  • Shorter surface intervals
  • Less nitrogen exposure
  • Not much more expensive than simple compressed air
  • Reduces your relative risk of decompression sickness
  • Ideal for diving at shallower depths
  • Many divers have reported feeling less fatigued after the dives
  • The world’s most popular speciality diving course is Nitrox or Enriched Air


Are there any Sexy Gas Myths?

Yep! Like most things, there are some common myths about Sexy Gas.

Here are a few:

  • It improves your breathing rates
  • It’s only used by technical divers
  • It’s perfect for deep diving
  • It improves your gas consumption


Does Sexy Gas come with any risks?

Whilst there are many benefits to using nitrox or enriched air, it comes with risks, like any type of diving air does.

While we need it to live, too much oxygen exposure can be harmful to the body – this is referred to as oxygen toxicity. Cylinders containing Nitrox need to be clearly stickered and identified so that divers who are not familiar with the hazards of oxygen toxicity do not accidentally use enriched air.

These are the reasons why you can’t just purchase some nitrox or enriched air at the shop and go off on a dive – Like all diving, special certification is required.


How do you become an Enriched Air Diver?

To dive with enriched air, you must first become a certified enriched air diver.

With the PADI Enriched Air Diver course you will gain certification, enabling you to maximise your time underwater.

The course only takes approximately 2 hours in the classroom to complete. You can study your materials at home, then come in to go through your knowledge review and take the exam. We'll show you how to analyse your enriched air cylinders and set your computer for diving with enriched air.


Want to find out more about how to get sexy with Sexy Gas in your dive tank? Check out the course here.

At Dolphin Scuba, we have a range of courses and products available to help you become the best diver you can be. Come visit us today.

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