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Dolphin Scuba Open Water Dive Course Review

At Dolphin Scuba, we love to hear what our customers have to say about our courses. We sat down with recent student and now certified diver Chris, who dipped his toes in for the Open Water Dive Course. Here’s what Chris had to say about his experience at Dolphin Scuba.

Why did you choose to take the Dolphin Scuba open water course? 

My friends have always been into diving, so I’d be planning to do it for a while. It’s a great activity to do while we are out on the boat. I chose Dolphin Scuba because they offered a shorter course to everyone else. Being able to do the theory at home was a big plus for me as I work full time – I was able to complete that part at home just by doing a little every night.

What was your favourite part about the course? 

Getting into the ocean of course! They put you in the pool at first which feels a little random, it’s weird because you’re only going a 1.5m deep. But, it helps you get used to the water.  

How many times have you been diving since? 

I’ve gone a handful of times out on the boat to Rottnest, and I’ve done a couple of the Dolphin Scuba free Sunday dives. But I’d like to do way more! 

Any exciting dive stories? 

I was following my friend Scott around one day while he was getting some crays and he just froze 5-10m ahead of me. And I got this weird feeling, and I froze and though ‘What can he see that I haven’t seen yet?! Why is he crouched down on the floor?’ Turns out it was nothing! He was just looking at a school of fish. But you can’t talk to people under water obviously!

Favourite place to dive around Perth so far? 

Rottnest, there’s a lot going on over there. I haven’t dived a lot of places, there’s just so much under there that is surprising that you can’t see from the boat. There’s caves everywhere, and reefs. Plus. it’s not real deep, only about 10m to 15m (max 18m). It’s easy to dive from shore or a boat. 

Would you consider taking another course? 

I’m going to do my advanced dive course with Dolphin Scuba before I go on a dive holiday to the Philippines. I just really enjoyed the staff - they’re all very positive, happy and friendly. When you walk into the dive shop in Welshpool, it’s like you’re an old friend. All the staff are like that, which is great! 

What kind dive equipment do you own vs rent?  

I own basics fins, mask, snorkel, weight belt and wetsuit. I rent my cylinder, BCD and my regulator. I’d like to build up a kit, but would work up to it. At the moment, because I’m a recreational diver, it’s not worth it yet. Need to get my dive hours up first! 

What was difficult in the course? 

Nothing. The instructor was easy to ask questions to, very attentive, and there were lots of opportunities to spend time with the instructor. Effectively, it felt like it was one-on-one. 

Why do you enjoy diving? 

It’s all stuff you’ve never seen before, it’s hard to explain to someone who’s never done it. Everything is new, every angle is different. Even if you dive in the same location, just 5m difference creates an entire new view. 

How likely are you to recommend a Dolphin Scuba course? 

I highly recommend! :)

For more information on how to enrol in one of our dive courses click here or call the store on 08 9353 2488 – we’re open seven days a week.

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