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4 Reasons to Advance Your Diving Skills

Now that you’re an open water diver, regularly exploring under the sea, you may be thinking “Why would I need to do anymore training? I’m done!”

You may be happy with the dives that you can do, be feeling confident and comfortable and not interested in furthering your diving skills and that’s okay. But if you do however find yourself thinking about certain diving spots that may be out of your reach, or dreaming of diving that little bit deeper, then perhaps further dive training is something you should consider.

We share 4 reasons to consider advancing your diving skills.

1: Go deeper into discovery

As an open water diver, you can only dive as deep as 18 metres. Many ship wrecks, sea creatures and fascinating findings beneath the deep blue sea, are actually found deeper than that.

As an advanced open water diver, you will have the freedom to dive as deep as 30 metres (close to double the depth you could before), giving you the opportunity to discover double the sea treasure!

2: Feel more comfortable

You may be feeling fairly comfortable diving already, but there is also room to feel even more comfortable and why wouldn’t you want that?

During the PADI Advanced Open Water certification course, you will be taught more skills, helping you to feel comfortable diving in a variety of environments.

And from comfortable, come enjoyment, so you can enjoy your diving experience even more than you already do – yes, that’s possible!

3: Get close to shipwrecks

Most of the world’s dive-able wrecks lie below 18m. As such, if you’re keen to explore more wrecks, you should complete the advanced course and choose the Wreck Diver as one of your specialist dives.

Did you know that Western Australia is full of more breathtakingly beautiful dive destinations than you probably even know about?

Just two of the wonderful wrecks you can explore off the coast of WA:

  • HMAS Swan Wreck – Dunsborough

    Dunsborough is the final resting place of the former Australian navy destroyer, HMAS Swan. It was sunk purposely for divers in 1997 and now lies in 35 metres of water in Geographe Bay, off Dunsborough. The ship has since become home to many fish species and beautiful coral. 

Divers have also been said to dive in dozens of time, and yet still manage to always find something new.

  • Key Biscayne Oil Rig Wreck – Lancelin

Key Biscayne is a deep dive a long way off the coast. Located 120 minutes off the coast of Lancelin the Key Biscayne wreck has an average depth of 25 metres and maximum depth of 44 metres. The ship sank in 1982 while being towed to Perth for modifications.

There are a few dive shops that run the occasional trip out there but you need great weather and almost no swell. She rests in 44m but the wreck starts at about 25m.

4: Explore the world

Because the advanced open water diver course allows you to become just that - ‘an advanced open water diver’, you will have the skills and confidence to explore more of the world.

With additional skills such as navigation, improved breathing and buoyancy control, as well as increased understanding of the use of diving gear, you will become more confident than ever to dive in the many unique and exciting dive spots all over the world.

If you’ve ever dreamed of certain diving spots that may be out of your reach, or diving that little bit deeper, then further dive training is for you.

You don’t have to be advanced to do the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course either. The course is simply designed to advance YOU.

Ready to book your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course or want to find out more?

Contact us to start your next diving adventure today.


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