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Perth Scuba Diving Blog

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  • 5 amazing dive locations around Perth

    Perth is home to some amazing dive locations, from underwater shipwrecks to shallow lagoons, you can see some pretty amazing scenes when you are scuba diving off the Western Australian coast. If you don’t have access to your own boat, the team at Dolphin Scuba run dive trips out to popular dive locations. The team are ready to dive all-year round, even during the cooler dive season! Rain or shine, here are some recommended boat diving locations around Perth the WA region.
  • The Importance of First Aid Training 

    The ocean is a wonderful, however, unpredictable place. If you or a fellow diver get into a little trouble out on a trip, possessing first aid training may prove lifesaving. Being familiar with first aid training protocols and practices could be crucial in life threatening circumstances. First aid can be administered until medical help arrives especially in circumstances of hypothermia or narcosis. Here are some further reasons why first aid training is an important skill to have as a scuba diver. Increases safety in the water First aid training is based around prevention, and that well known saying - better safe than sorry. Having a working knowledge of first aid will make it safer for both yourself and fellow divers by encouraging them to be more alert of their surroundings and water conditions.
  • Rug Up: Scuba Diving Exposure Protection

    Scuba diving is a fantastic underwater activity you can enjoy all year round. However, when the temperature drops it’s time to trade in the summer skin and opt for a wetsuit with a little more coverage. Whilst you may feel like you're wearing the swimming attire version of a morph suit, taking proper exposure protection precautions will make your dive more enjoyable and much less chilly! Your wetsuit and additional exposure protection gear will keep your body insulated against the cold so having correctly fitted equipment is essential for diving in cooler water conditions. The experienced team at Dolphin Scuba can make sure you are staying warm in the water by offering expert advice on exposure protection and dive gear options.
  • Advantages of Diving in the Cooler Months

    Scuba Diving in Perth isn’t just an activity for the warmer months. Diving during the cooler seasons is equally as good as the warmer weather, if not better. Now, don’t be put off by the colder water temperatures, this can easily be combatted with exposure protection dive gear and proper post-dive preparation.
  • Dive deeper with TDI Technical Training

    TDI professionals are the industry standard for technical certification in advanced dive technical training courses. Some of the best wreck and cave dive locations are submerged deep in the ocean, and require specialised scuba dive training in order to complete. The biggest factor with extended dive depths is nitrogen narcosis, caused by the breathing of nitrogen in high pressure present in deeper dives. Dolphin Scuba is a TDI Dive Center and offers the world’s most elite technical diving based courses.

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