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TDI Advanced Trimix


Why become an Advanced Trimix diver?

The TDI Advanced Trimix Diver course is the top level of training for open circuit divers wishing to dive to depths as deep as 100 m / 330 feet utilizing hypoxic levels of oxygen (below 17 percent). This course is perhaps one of the most informative and challenging and upon completion you are among some of the most elite divers.

What will I do?

Your TDI Instructor will provide you with valuable information and skills, the topics that will be covered are as following

  • Equipment management
  • Multiple stage cylinder labeling and placement
  • Complex decompression planning and contingency planning
  • Dive team awareness and communication
  • Gas monitoring and management
  • Use of travel gasses

The TDI Advanced Trimix manual is one of the most up to date manuals and includes all the latest of technology and practices being used.


What do I need to start?

  • Be a minimum age of 18
  • Have a minimum certification as an Extended Range Diver or Entry Level Trimix Diver (or equivalent).
  • Show proof a minimum of 100 logged dives with 25 deeper than 100 feet/ 30 meters.
  • Prior logged experience w/ double cylinders and any other unfamiliar equipment. I.E. Dry suit

What does the course include?

The course cost is $1,295 and will provide you with the proper training, manuals, 4 dives and certification.


What do I need to provide?


Course Info


Cost of Course $1,295.00
Number of Dives 4
Max Depth 100M
Includes Manuals, Certification
Does Not Include Equipment and gas mixes

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